Level or Inclined Slanted Well 1" Sucker Rod Grade D with Nylon Centralizer

Model NO. 1 ; Trademark Baofeng Transport Package Standard Packing Specification Max. dia: 64mm Origin China

Product Description

1.Sucker rod coupling specifications:

Size(in) Coupling OD(mm) Length(mm) Thread D(in) Length of Wrench Square(mm) Hardness(HRA) Rounding chamfer Unit weight(kg) 5/8 ; 38.10 101.6 15/16 ; 31.8 56-62 45° 0.5 3/4 ; 41.28 1 1/16 ; 0.65 7/8 ; 46.00 1 3/16 ; 0.8 1 ; 55.60 1 3/8 ; 38.1 1.0 1 1/8 ; 60.33 114.3 1 9/16 ; 1.2

Type :Grade Tand Grade DSize: 1 ;,5 /8 ;, 3/4 ;,7/8 ;Model: Full Size, Slim Hole,Sub couplingMaterial :Alloy Steel40Cr2.Sucker rod centralizer specifications

Sucker rod(screw type) OD mm (in) Total length mm Centralizer length mm 19(3/4”) 58 265-270 91 22(7/8”) 58 265-270 91

1) Hardness of centralizer steel: HB220-257;2) Compressive strength of centralizer sleeve:60-90Mpa;3) Medium temperature: 0-200C.Sucker rod centralizer is atool to prevent eccentric wear. Simple structure, convenient operation, long service life and low cost.Applying rules1) alittle eccentric wear well: one set for 3rods.2) Eccentric wear well: one set for 2rods.3) More eccentric wear well: one set for 1rod.4) Seriously eccentric wear well (inflection point): one set for 1rod,and install one nylon centralizer between sucker rods.Centralizer is mainly used to connect the rod to prevent partial wear of the rod, the use of solid lubrication technology, the outer surface and the wall of the tubes has acurvature and aspecial coating process to provide high surface hardness and smoothness, greatly reducing the coefficient of friction, wear on the tubing pipes.a) The curvatures of the centralizer and inner tube design are uniform, contact with the pump in large areas, the effective area of the centralizer is 4040mm2, with the wedge-shaped wear the pressure is dispersed.b) The design of the centralizer can be turned axially, the friction between the pumping rod and the tubing can be turned into wear between the rod and the centralizer, and extend the service life of the pipeScrew Pump System IntroductionIt consists of Surface Drive Device, Downhole screw pump, Electrical Control Panel and Matching Tools. Screw Pump has been widely used in oil fields at home and abroad and plays an important role in oil production. There is atrend to replace the large heavy pumping units in shallow well and middle-deep well.Applicable oil condition:The Screw Pump can be used forlow viscosity crude oil,heavy oil,high freezing point oil,high wax oil,high sand oilhigh gas oil.PC pump, this new production has been widely used in recent years in oil fields at home and abroad and plays an important role in crude oil fields. Our company has committed to research and development of screw pump and its accessories for many years. We already got more than 50 kinds of screw pumps, in displacement ranged from GLB20to GLB3000, and well depth over 2300m. There are single head PC pump for ordinary crude oil physical property, high temperature PC pump adapted to 170 degree and bimetal type for 350 degree, hollow rotor PC pump applied to heating pump and flushing, uniform thickness PC pump suitable for depth over 1800m or extraction needs of crude oil contained high hydrogen sulfide, high hydrocarbon, high gas physical properties and Special type for CBM drainage gas.The PC pump can both adapt to low viscosity crude oil and to heavy oil, high freezing point oil, high wax content oil, high sand content oil and high gas content oil. It is irreplaceable with its high advantage to help to change dried-up well to living well.For the use of PC pump, we have four driving head device for option, Belt Gear Reduction Transmission (horizontal), Gearless Transmission (vertical), Direct Drive Motor Gearing and Eccentric Test Gearing. According to the promotion recent years, it is atrend that the PC pump will replace the large heavy beam-pumping unit in shallow well and middle-deep well. It has advantage of one-time low investment, high oil production efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure, and easy operation, installation, and maintenance. Along with the improvement of application technology and oil production equipment, PC Pump will be widely used in future.Contact Information:hangzhou ever-power transmission co. ltd. is specialist in power transmission

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