Nylon gear coupling

Structural features

Simple structure, easy maintenance, low noise.Long service life.

Working temperature

-20~+70℃. Torque range: 40N.m~3150N.m. Speed Range:6000~1800r/min.

Outer diameter

Outer diameter of nylon sleeve: 42~220mm. Outer diameter of nylon sleeve :16~212mm

About XL Group

We are Prominent Manufacturer and Exporter of Nylon Gear Coupling From France. We Export Nylon Gear Coupling All across in Usa, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, Oman, UAE. these Nylon Gear Coupling Manufactured With High Quality Material. We Export Nylon Gear Coupling All across Globally. A gear coupling is a mechanical device designed to transmit torque between two shafts that are not collinear. The coupling typically consists of two flexible joints, one fixed to each shaft. These joints are often connected by a third shaft called the spindle.

Nylon gear coupling

Precise design

Whenever possible, we use automated controls minimizing scope for error and ensuring accurate designs.

Professional made

Our manufacturing processes conform to the highest standards complying with various international regulations for quality measurement.

Effective test

Effective tests from raw material procurement to product manufacture, maintain the highest quality standards.

Qualified product

Use of qualified and experienced people signifies best inputs, ideas, suggestions, and it ups the standard of our products.
“We purchase in this company for a long time, the product quality is good, the factory price, the service is professional, the logistics is also very quick, very creditable.”
Norman Frank

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